A Letter to Myself


You think the life you’re weaving will unravel in your absence. It won’t. Stop taking yourself so seriously. The kids can spend a morning without you. The house may be dirty when you get back, but it won’t implode.

God want s each of us to serve one another. It’s never His design for one to serve all—except in the case of His son. Serving is not work as you think. Serving is emptying self so that we can be filled by Him who pours life into us, over and over again. Serving brings refreshing.

Serve, yes, but don’t be afraid to be served. In this Christ is serving you. He is kneeling down to wash your feet. Yes even your feet. He deems you worthy of this love. That’s all that matters. Why are you reticent to receive this love, to ask for it? Why do you tell yourself you don’t need this love? You need to feast on this love.

I hear Jesus whispering to you, “Take eat, this is my body which has been broken for you.” Devour this love. Let it shock, stun and amaze you. Everyday take time to remember Him, and don’t forget about His love.

Your life matters and has been hand-picked and fashioned by God for His own purposes. Stay the course. Keep a posture of internal hope, always believing the dreams He’s set before you. Keep the vision alive. Fuel the attitude and discipline of faith.

Take time to achieve the work which He’s set before you. Read and write every minute you get, but don’t strive. Be careful here. Striving doesn’t help achieve anything. Walk in the unforced rhythm of grace with a thankful heart. Jesus wants to teach you this grace walk. It’s a walk of rest, of complete dependence on the One who does all the work and has prepared every work for us to do in advance. He knows every outcome and He’s the door to this rest. He is Grace. He is Truth.

Look for these grace moments. Stack stones as the Israelites did. Keep thinking of them. Journal them. Keep a list going of each moment of grace and beauty. This keeps your attitude vertical and opens Heaven in the ho-hum moments.

Watch how He achieves the impossible through you. Your faith acts as a conduit to miracles. Culture this faith through rest, trust and meditation on the goodness of God. Let the theologians worry about the rest.

Target your faith on all that is holy and pleasant and good. Like a child, base your hope on God’s good ways. He is all-together lovely. His heart is always good. He is always working good for you. Rest in this.

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  1. Your writing is a blessing. You have a wonderful gift of expression in simplicity. Thank you for sharing yourself. I look forward to reading more! Love you!

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