Love in the Scribbles



This is my youngest taking the opportunity to doodle in my journal while I gathered laundry.

I stared down at his soft curls and realized this is what we must look like to God when we take the pen of our lives and try and write our own stories.

We might hold the book upside down and tear the pages. We might draw all over our hands and feet. The best we can do is scribble on the page.

Still God’s crazy about us, just like I’m enamored over the inked drawings in my journals. They remind me of little hands who try to imitate me.

Sometimes we grow up a bit. We may even let God write a sidebar or two in our lives, the small stories. We might fight to maintain control of the main story. But the margins we freely give to God.

Just think what would it look like if we let God beyond the margins. What if we gave him more space to create in us, to recreate us?

What if we gave God the entire book of our lives to write what he pleases? Sure, he would write in more danger and kick us out of our comfort zones, but he would pen more adventure for us, too.

I’m certain he would map out more ways for us to love people. He would give us eyes to see the least, the low-down and broken, and in doing so we would see Jesus.

He would unite his church and the power struggles and insecurities would evaporate as Love himself perfected us.

10 thoughts on “Love in the Scribbles

  1. Yes! It’s going to be a great year. There is such amazing joy in being obedient and open to God. I’m expectant what he wants to teach me and show me.

    Levi, I pray 2015 is the best year of your life and you reap fullness of joy in his presence. God bless you friend.

  2. Hello Miss,
    I’m new to the blog world. I’ve only commented on one other site thus far. Feeling vulnerable isn’t exactly my forte’. I simply wish to tell you that you’ve already made a difference in my life. Tis comforting to know others think and feel and struggle as I do, imperfect humans serving a perfect God! Our sermon today in church was on obedience. Obedience is the bottom line in the Christian life, and candidly, I don’t even like that word very much. I prayed that I too would give God more than the margins. Thank you for being so lovely and obedient.
    Kindest thoughts to you and your family,

    • Southern Observer, what kind words. I’m humbled and encouraged. I pray you will “walk in the light” as He is in the light–even if that means being vulnerable. I pray that God shines his face on you as you walk in obedience. Blessings, friend.

  3. Awesome story ! I have my bible with an elaborate signature in it ! I think you had just started writing in cursive! I cherish it !

  4. Thanks Beth. I’m still thinking about your post about mosaic essays. I thought of it again yesterday when we were studying cubism (homeschool) and the way different segments of the painting explore different points of view. I may have to try it! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog.

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